WARNING! This game tests how much of a hardcore gamer you are. You are not allowed to save your progress once you start playing. You have only 2 options: win the game or try your best. Let's see if you can make it to the end... This is a hardcore minimalist game about a little black box with the power of the phoenix. Help Fenix Box discover the Legend of the Cookie. Go ahead and try your best!


This game started as a 7 day Green Lava Game Jam. The purpose of this game was to gain experience in mobile development. It got published on Google Play, becoming a viral success. Unfortunately, the game was removed from Google Play since the team lost the keystore... #n00bs...they cannot update the game anymore. Good news is that they made a new version for Steam! Now with Leaderboards!!!


  • 90 levels.
  • Epic platformer game.
  • Fast game.



Logo & Icon

Original Soundtrack

Available from musicvortex.bandcamp.com.

Fenix Box Credits

Eduardo Ramírez
Game Design and Programming, Green Lava

Diego Vásquez
Graphic Arts, Green Lava

José Mora
Music and Sound Effects, Green Lava