Founding date

January 4, 2010

Press/Business contact


Early history

The story began in 2010 when Eduardo received an inheritance of $450 from his late great-grandmother. He decided to make this money count, and bought cheap software licenses (-$50), a web domain (-$10), 3 t-shirts with a logo on them (-$40) and registered “Green Lava Studios” as a game company… with a lawyer (-$300). Then came José, the creative mind behind the music. He also married Eduardo’s sister. They made some games early that year, but the real deal started when Diego joined the team. Diego gave a complete different graphic style to the team’s work. The new team began prototyping games via Internet from their own rooms. The workflow was later interrupted because Eduardo got a scholarship as an exchange student in the Game and Media Technology master’s program at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

2011 - To the streets!

After a vision quest and with a lack of money in the team’s pockets, they went out to the streets (literally) selling their work and services by themselves. They visited lots of companies offering our game development services. This part of the story can be summed up in: suits, hard times, humiliations and funny moments. After those experiences, the team learned that if they wanted to get a contract, they needed to finish a game. And that’s how “Agujeros” was made; in just two weeks the team built a free game that got exposure in the local news. Thanks to this, the client hunt went a little bit easier. The studio managed to get a few contracts and deals, including a contract with an international organization.

2012 - Indie Games

With the game development experience gained in 2011, the team decided to make their first PC commercial game. It was based on their first game “Agujeros”. The project was renamed to “Dream Tale: The Golden Keys” and Big Fish Games published it in 6 languages. This game gave the team their first true experience of the game industry's market. Keeping this experience in mind, they began their second original game while developing other games as an outsourced-studio. This new game was called “Bonfire Trail”, made for Android tablets. It was submitted to the "Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012". "Bonfire Trail" got selected as one of the 8 finalists amongst 1011 teams all across Latin America. Green Lava Studios won a 3rd place prize, their first international award! The cash prize was invested again in the studio… They now have a beautiful football table!


After the success of Fenix Rage and My Name is Mayo, Green Lava Studios is currently working as hard as they can in several new projects. With the help of Sean Callaghan in their social networks, they are posting news on Facebook and Twitter. You should totally follow them!



Awards & Recognition

  • "Square Enix Latin America Game Contest Finalist Award." - Bonfire Trail, December 2012.

  • "GameMaker Game of the Year" - Fenix Rage, January 2015.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Eduardo Ramírez
Game Design and Programming, Green Lava Team

Diego Vásquez
Graphic Arts, Green Lava

José Mora
Music and Sound Effects, Green Lava Team

Sean Callaghan
Public Relations and Marketing Strategist, Green Lava Team

Martin Schaer
Digital Strategist.