WARNING! This game tests how much of a hardcore gamer you are. You are not allowed to save your progress once you start playing. You have only 2 options: win the game or try your best. Let's see if you can make it to the end... This is a hardcore minimalist game about a little black box with the power of the phoenix. Help Fenix Box discover the Legend of the Cookie. Go ahead and try your best!


This game started as a 7 day Green Lava Game Jam. The purpose of this game was to gain experience in mobile development. It got published on Google Play, becoming a viral success. Unfortunately, the game was removed from Google Play since the team lost the keystore... #n00bs...they cannot update the game anymore. Good news is that they made a new version for Steam! Now with Leaderboards!!!


  • 90 levels.

  • Epic platformer game.

  • Fast game.





Fenix Box Credits

Eduardo Ramírez
Game Design and Programming, Green Lava

Diego Vásquez
Graphic Arts, Green Lava

José Mora
Music and Sound Effects, Green Lava